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I’m going to take the opportunity of this notebook to explain some of the details of yet another new project I will be making over the coming months and years.  This is a new comic that I DO feel the need to explain and defend such that I will not need to do so in the future.  I feel this requirement due to the nature of online media and activism types that are fairly prevalent these days.

This project will be a new and likely misogynistic label baring comic strip called 3D.

No this will not be a “3-D” comic strip.   The full title is “3D: Dusty, Damsel of Danger”.  Take a moment and let that sink in.  Don’t make any assumptions.  Just understand that a 3-D comic would be very difficult to make on my part as I like full color and don’t have 3-D glasses to use for testing any variation of 3-D techniques… so… yeah.  No 3-D images.

The name is really to play off current and rapidly tiring trends toward a modern generation of 3D media and to create a decent logo.  I’ll explain further in a moment.

Now, I appreciate the fact that “damsel” is somehow associated with frailty and weakness and is therefore insulting to some.  The concept of a Damsel in Distress comes to mind.  To some that is an insulting and damaging trope.  To others it’s a harmless trope that has been around for eons.  To still others including myself – and this is getting personal now – it’s a fantasy or fetish.  But none of that has baring on the reality.  Damsel is defined simply as “a young unmarried woman; a girl, or a maiden”.  I chose the name because it gave me a third “D”; because the term is often associated with a fantasy or medieval theme; because the definition basically fits the character; and because I DO intend to play around with the fantasy aspect of DiD with 3D.  It should be fun and silly and won’t be wholly about Damsels.  But now I’m getting ahead of myself.

By the way, “Dusty Actress/Actor of Danger” or the “Dusty Adventuress/Adventurer of Danger” just doesn’t work.

Point of fact, even being sexy can be construed as insulting, demeaning, objectifying, or some other Politically Correct buzz word for a select few very vocal people.  The very nature of this comic will always be insulting to someone and the common practice seems to be to attack a creator for offending these delicate sensibilities.  It’s a trolling practice used by activist extremist’s and whatever the alternate group happens to be called today… white knights or apologists or MRA’s or something.

“Keira Knightley – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”

Of course, YouTube comments prove this concept ten fold.  It happens everywhere online at one time or another.  As an example, on the Cat-Life ModDB page one comment says, “but really that fatass doesent make new thhing he was promised demo from 2009 but that demo sucks” [ bartidan, 09-02-2014 ]

Nice.  Insulting my weight and calling me a liar in one horribly sloppy post.  [ For the record, I haven’t released Cat-Life: GS yet because it isn’t good as it stands.  It needs work. ]

Attacks are common.  But why then do I feel the need to explain?  Because activist extremists and trolls alike can ruin your life over something ridiculously simple.  There is perceived anonymity with the internet and people will say and do much that they would never consider in “real life.”  And  in more recent years, this has expanded to horrible death threats, doxxing, and swatting.  Even bomb threats.  And if you get the wrong activist extremist or troll on your back, you face career and life-style endangering persecution based on their opinion.  The opinion of people with a public “name” – people that have access and money.  And they often say or do things that can be harmful to someone as financially and politically small as myself.

Let’s be clear.  I would love to make my living off this website and my projects.  But I cannot do so at this time.  I am raking in a whopping $24,000 or so per year doing a job I hate and then I spend any excess on things like game servers, this website, fresh hardware, subscriptions, donations, and RoadTrips.  Needless to say, that doesn’t leave much for hiring attorneys to get my state job back because someone called the front office accusing me of some crime.  And it doesn’t provide much for defense against harassment to myself or my family by trolls with doxxed phone numbers and addresses.

Sorry, but someone out there will find this new comic sexist or some other popular “ist” meme.  A female lead that is sexy and encounters other sexy characters… why that’s horribly insulting.  A female lead that isn’t super competent and / or super awesome just can’t possibly exist.  How dare I make a story about objectifying women!?  People can be intellectually challenged but connected and though they are not worth my effort to confront beyond this article, I do know that someone – and it could be anyone – could begin attacking me for this perceived slight.

Me?  Well, Dusty is sexy because sexy is fun.  She’s not super intelligent nor capable at every task because she is a Hollywood type.  Even her name – Dusty Cheyenne Ryngtail – is carefully chosen to sound pretentious Hollywood.  She is trying to go on adventures because she played one on TV so to speak.  Tropes and other concepts could prove fun to play with.

Go ahead, take a deep breath.  This is the main explanation and this will be fairly bulky.  Prudish types, easily offended types, activist extremists, and other highly opinionated nobodies should relax or move on.

To start, this comic is NOT for children.  It will not be “A-Rated” or anything like that since I’m not making pornography here.  But it will be more like an M-rated work as is the case with most of our works.  Remember, we are a community of fans that started as fans of M-rated video games.  With that said though, remember that we aren’t a rated medium and I have no interest in bowing down to the MPAA or ESRB or Code Authority or anyone else to beg their permissions to make my comic public without massive restriction.  I may age gate part of the site, but that should be plenty.  We aren’t big enough for anything more.

WIP – Title Page for Prologue Chapter

There will be violence and combat and adventure and comedy.  There may be nudity and/or explicit scenes in one form or another [not totally sure what or how yet].  Some themes may not be suitable for all audiences.  Truthfully, most of our content could be interpreted in that light, so it doesn’t really mean much.

I intend to have some fun with  how movies, games, and comic books treat unrealistic scenarios with ludicrous casting and resolutions.  Moreover I want to make a story to poke fun at the self-righteous people in Hollywood.  It seems that many stars believe their celebrity and access to trends makes them some form of politician or expert on worldly needs of the masses.

Thus, many of the pop-culture regulars jump into politics and special causes.  There’s only one problem with that… They aren’t politicians and have no training or skill for these matters.  They know nothing of the subject at hand, but pretend that they do and convince themselves that they have a “responsibility” to “take a stand” or “lead a charge” with their popularity.

More distressing is the occasional star, producer, developer, writer, or whatever that decides they have much in common with their characters and begin trying to live said lifestyle.  That is, for all intents, the summary of this project.

Dusty is a cartoon character – not really in terms of the story, but in the style of the comic I will make.  A sexy one at that.  A bunny-girl (I was thinking of her being sort of a stand-in for all the Playboy Bunny-type Actresses in most new action and sci-fi media… especially b,c,d,z-grade works).  She stars in such movies as “Honey Bunny”, “Honey Bunny 2: The Quest”, and “Honey Bunny 3: Techno Dawn”.

She basically plays characters like Lara Croft in movies about space battles, dinosaurs, mutations, and general action, adventure, and bad CGI.  The title pages for each chapter will be fake posters for her movies, games, and other normal projects.  You can see an example to the right in the old WIP of the Prologue chapter.

She’s meant to be a composite of any game, movie, or comic character that is too sexy to really be an effective adventuress.  And yet she somehow saves the world while never really being harmed or looking anything other then sexy.

Real vs Movie: Female Scientists

Let’s face facts, no real world scientist spends hours on hair and makeup only to walk into a lab, put their abnormally long hair up in a tight bun, put on a surgical mask, put on goggles, put on a lab coat over their cleavage inducing blouse or abnormally sexy scrubs, put on a hair net, put on a splash shield, put on latex gloves, put on a hazard suit… well… surely you get the idea by now.

We watch movies like that for fun.  We riff them or simply bask in the splendor of the most contrived situations possible.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy good movies with action, science fiction, comedy, or whatever.  And I even enjoy bad ones under the right circumstances.  And no part of this project or this entry is a rant about sexy women in the movies.  On the contrary, this is my point.

Real vs Movie: Female Fighter Pilots

Movies, TV shows, games, comics, books, and so forth are all forms of entertainment and/or art.  This includes escapist entertainment.  We want to see unusually sexy people doing mundane tasks in exciting ways or exciting tasks in over-the-top thrilling ways.

Once in a while a celebrity decides to support some cause or some political front.  At that time, said celebrity gains undue notoriety on said subject because the mass media wills it.  This typically ends in either a fall from grace or a disappearance when no new revelations are added by the celebrity endorsement.

In full opinion, I believe that movie makers, stars, game developers, and so forth should all keep their focus and make better movies, games, shows, etc.  Leave the activism to the activists and the politics to the liars… I mean… politicians.

Real vs Movie: Female Soldiers

This comic project is actually more a fish-out-of-water tale of the superstar that supports organizations and causes because they sound good.  Dusty will be likable, but naive.  The sort of person that supports a cause to create a preserve for an endangered alpha predator species… even though it was concocted in a lab.  A preserve that is located on a popular tourist island and is quickly overrun by said species due to their unnatural biochemistry.  And that sees widespread carnage because there is no natural counter balance for the species.

“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Her belief that she can be an adventurer because she has portrayed one in films, TV shows, and games will drive her to test various adventure paths… with limited success to say the least.  She will be joined by other friends and enemies both skilled and as n00bish as herself. And together they will face challenges of the fantastic… often leaving her companions far worse off then when they started.

I draw inspirations for this comic from other comics, most notably the more adult comic from the Supermegatopia creators called Crushed: The Doomed Kitty Adventures.  I also draw inspirations from a variety of characters from games and cartoons.

Some Inspirations – Jessica Rabbit, Lola Bunny, Minerva Mink, Hello Nurse, Samus Aran, Lara Croft. All of these are basically characters she might play but she does not share their skill.

This comic strip is about having fun, not really sending a message.  So don’t read this explanation and feel that I am telling you how to think or trying to critique anyone.  Additionally, don’t look at this comic strip and start complaining about treating women like “pieces of meat” or making the female lead a “weak woman” or some other “your a sexist” mantra.

This material will toy with jokes, a story [as I refuse to skimp on the story], fetishes, wild designs, and anything I happen to feel like playing with.  At it’s core, I am making this comic as I want to make it… for my own amusement.  Making a sexy character does NOT make me a bad person.  Making the character a woman – especially a naive and incompetent one at that – also does not make me a bad person.  Making this and other characters die in meaningless ways and making death meaningless also does not make me a bad person.  Nor am I uninformed or dumb or prejudiced.

If you make such glib generalizations, you are reading entirely too much of your own opinions and ignorance into this project.  I have already accepted that there will be imbeciles somewhere that do exactly this form of interpretive projection.  This comic, ladies and gentlemen, is about having fun with sexy characters, over-the-top situations, cartoonish death and resurrection, and basic silliness.

Read the comic and have fun.  This alone is what I ask.

If you do not like my handling of the character, the story, or this project in general then please feel free to stop reading it.  But kindly leave your self-righteous self-indulgent hate mongering out of my life.  I have far better things to do then to listen to someone try to censor MY free speech and MY creativity and try to damage MY reputation or livelihood because YOU are offended.  You do NOT have to read this comic.  Don’t try to force ME to take it down because someone else might choose differently.

Which begs the question, why did I feel the need to explain myself so elaborately if this is just innocent fun?  And how do I justify lumping people into a shallow, loosely coined category like imbecile?  I have two primary answers for you.

Projects like Boundless are focused more on a serious story and play out with a harsher reality.

First, this comic IS about sexiness in it’s own special way.  I wanted to do a comic in which I could focus a little more on making sexy characters and I wanted to lightly touch on the principle of celebrities that believe they are “able” because people watch their movies, etc.

Further, I wanted a way to work in some racy material without making pornography too.  This comic allows for a cartoonish representation of “sexy” and for such representations to be treated with a light attitude.  It offers me a chance to play around with risque materials in a silly format.

But I’m not a fool.  There WILL be someone that reads a few pages of the comic and sees Dusty declare her favorite catchphrase “I can do this” and promptly loose her clothing or die to a hungry monster or knock a friend into a pit of doom or commit some other act of failure.  And this same someone will make a conscious decision to view these pages as an insult to women or actors or something.  Heck, who knows how many people will jump all over this comic because it’s “fur-fag” or “yiff” or something else the internet should hate?  IT WILL HAPPEN.  I will be criticized for being a misogynist, a fur-fag, or just plain SICK.  Possibly even as a RESULT of this explanation.

Further, there will be someone who will choose to jump on such topics and begin trolling.  Please, for the love of all that is awesome, don’t feed the damn trolls!

I will be deleting comments that are blatantly trolling in MY opinion.  And I will not be responding to comments that choose to accuse me of somehow demeaning someone or something.  I will simply point to this link and delete further attempts to insult me and my own intelligence.

But Mr Wildcat, isn’t that censorship?  Aye.  But well within my rights as creator and overlord of this place.  Play nice.  Real critique will always be allowed.  Insults and rancid troll bait will not.

Second, as I pointed out before, this comic will be mature just like most everything else we make.  It isn’t meant for children and is not being marketed TO children.  This is for grown ups to entertain.  Jokes here may be dark, violent, sexy, or something else.  And jokes can and will be a combination of these at any time.

So don’t complain to me when you read the comic and a character is eaten by a dragon or accidentally falls off a cliff during battle.  And don’t complain to me when Deniece keeps showing up naked after she dies or has some encounter that rips her garments or whatever.

I’m striking a little balance here and making what I want.  And basically, this article is a catch all for complaints and accusations.  Have fun.  Be nice or I simply won’t take you seriously.

Good day.

Oh… and one last thing.  There MAY be a few more adult oriented variations on 3D for those of you with VIP access in the forums.  That all just depends on how willing I am to make specials that do have more of a strong M or an A rating.

VIP Card – Rank on the forums

Which is why I don’t let kids into the VIP section and only let active forum members even be considered for VIP membership access in there.  No age in your profile… post like a child… post three times and think you’ve somehow earned VIP access…  I scoff at you.  You are not entitled to anything here.

Join up, post your real age, post like a mature adult, make better then 200 good and serious posts, and basically show me you can handle a VIP access pass… hey we VIP’s will discuss the possibility of extending an invitation to you.

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On 06-10-2014 I tweaked my explanations further and updated this with some changes I felt were needed.

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