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Hyderbrag Encyclopedia of Galactic History 9th ed.
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xi. Introduction

Although it may seem strange to discuss ancient lore in a section dedicated to the historical origins of the Alliance, said mythology is but a part of a much larger puzzle. The puzzle in question is as grand in scope as the Alliance itself. That an ancient mythological being, a 21st century vigilante, and the lunar revolt of 2072 could so intertwine to produce an interplanetary government is beyond basic historical record.

In order to understand the true and modern Alliance, one must first examine the people and events that led to its conception. More over, one must study the origins of he key players in that history.


I. Rebirth of Terror

The Sanders Tablets [ SEE Sanders, Hector L ] revealed much of a forgotten mythology. Each tablet – written in an ancient Chinese dialect – revealed part of a greater, inclusive tale.

Summary of the Sanders Tablets

The ancient world was one of discovery, exploration, and exploitation. Wars among villages were common. Famine and disease were rampant.

It was amidst that environment that an old man rose to power. The old man proclaimed himself a wizard or sorcerer and demanded that neighbouring villages serve him.

Though some villages bowed to his will, others did not believe the rumours of his power.

The old wizard decided to make an example of his strongest enemies. To do so, he used a powerful crystal or rock to summon a mighty being from “the realm of the underworld.”

The wizard ordered the being – known only as “the presence” – to destroy his enemies. With a desire for evil and destruction, the being complied.

The wizard summoned the presence many times to destroy his enemies, but one day it turned on him.

The original summoning crystal passed among many hands. Occasionally, those hands would summon the presence and suffer the fate of the old wizard. With so much destruction and evil, the presence grew more powerful.

Eventually, the presence began to enter the earthly realm of its own power. Its brethren grew jealous and conspired against it. Six of the underworld inhabitants formed a plan. They gave up a generous portion of their own power to create a new crystal capable of destroying the presence.

When next he was in the realm of the underworld, its brethren struck. However, their plan failed and two of them were destroyed. The remaining four hid the “Vorrex” crystal until a means to use it arose.

At the same time the presence returned to earth and began a bloody reign, a campaign against all mankind. As a result, a champion arose in the west. The human champion fought the mighty evil and won many battles. His victories were witnessed and – given time – they became known to the four brethren.

One of the four managed to smuggle the Vorrex crystal to earth and hid it in a cave. He then spread word of the crystal among the villages. The champion learned of the crystal and began a quest of recovery.

During the next encounter with the presence, the champion used the Vorrex crystal. The presence was destroyed and the champion became a king that united many villages under his rule.

The brethren dissolved their partnership and began fighting each other for power.

Yet the presence was not completely destroyed. He remained trapped on earth, a shadow of his former self. With little power and no way to interact with his new world, the presence was a ghost at best.

Given time, some of its power returned. Though useless for most practical purposes, the presence found that it could exist in a parasitic form. It took a human host and began one of many reigns of terror.

One human life time after another, the presence became a warlord and ruled tyrannically. Though it could not love – as its kind thrive on evil and hatred – the presence did lust while in a human body. It took many wives and raped many more.

Even so, only one woman ever bore it children. Twin boys. One son commanded light based powers. The other wielded powers of shadow.

The presence cared not for its sons, but saw potential uses for their powers. It used some of its own restored power to locate and place the boys in realms of their own. Each realm matched the powers of the specific boy. The presence planned to mature them in hopes that one day their powers could be harvested.


II. A Final Host

Though the mythology of the Sanders Tablets could be readily dismissed as lore, researchers believe it had some basis in reality. Given testimony and obtained evidence – including salvaged surveillance video from the laboratory of 21st century scientist Alison Millar [ SEE Millar, Alison N ] – researchers have concluded that the “realm of the underworld” as described in the tablets is actually one of a number of border worlds [ SEE Border Worlds ] that exist just outside of our own space-time.

The inhabitants of these harsh worlds often possess immense strength and mental power. Exploration of the border worlds has been prohibited since 2202 due to the dangers involved.

Further, as an inhabitant of a border world, the presence could have been allowed to cross into our universe. He was likely forced slightly out of phase with our reality. This process is beyond conventional science even today, but as a basic theory it helps explain many as yet incomplete details.

Doctor Millar’s Quest

Doctor Allison Millar [ SEE Millar, Allison N ] sought to prolong life through cybernetic method. She was a true pioneer in the field of robotics and cybernetics.

A 21st century scientist, Millar believed that she could transfer her memories into a digital brain construct. In her own right, Doctor Millar was a genius. She developed systems capable of duplicating human memories within a matter of days. And she created robotic devices and advanced software capable of mimicking human functions and reasoning to within near zero divergence.

Her achievements earned a military contract with the United States government. The doctor completed four different models of a combat drone. A model 1 unit – with a design beyond uncanny valley fault – was to serve as her host body given time to experiment with memory transfer.

Models 2, 3, and 4 less human due to combat ready designs. The model 4 design was the most advanced and reserved for special forces applications.  However, no Model 4 unit was ever delivered.

Researchers now believe that the alien presence described in the Sanders Tablets [ SEE Sanders, Hector L ] utilized the advanced Model 4 as a synthetic host.

Recovered surveillance video indicates a ghostly apparition merged with the machine in a burst of sparks and energy spikes. The machine can then be seen activating itself and murdering a security guard.

Doctor Millar vanished that night. She resurfaced three years later. Since the doctor had been a recluse her entire life, no one knew that she had been replaced by a mechanical replica until the events of the Chemora Island incident [ SEE Chemora Island ]. The model 4 began referring to itself as the Commander [ SEE Commander – Warlord ].


III. A New Champion

When Commander first attacked Washington DC [ SEE Chemora Island ] his forces were defeated by military force.  However, records declassified over the course of a century indicate that opposition was futile until a lone vigilante entered the battle uninvited.

The Wildcat [ SEE Hollen, Jay Kelly ] first patrolled the streets and alleys of Alexia on 27 June, 2015. With his own technology and the finances to implement his efforts, Mister Hollen was merely testing his abilities that day.

On 23 August he took center stage when a building owned by Doctor Millar exploded.

Labelled a terrorist, it was not until 14 October that The Wildcat was exonerated. Commander launched simultaneous attacks against New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. The New York and Los Angeles attacks were diversionary, forcing the military to defend 3 fronts.

The Washington attack was the bulk of Commander’s force and his true target. It was his plan to destroy the government seat for the United States. He had no concern regarding the president or political leadership. With the capital itself destroyed, the nation would suffer from uncertainty and fear. He would then begin systematically destroying major cities until US forces surrendered.

The Wildcat traveled from battle to battle as needed, and used his technology to aid the US forces. When the battle ended two days later, he turned his attention to Chemora Island.

He had already conducted a preliminary investigation of the island and had identified Commander’s base of operations. His attack on the island stronghold was devastating. He destroyed every laboratory and arsenal. And he faced Commander directly in a brutal fight.

In the years that followed, The Wildcat proved instrumental in defeating Commander’s further attempts world wide.  Ignoring Jay Hollen’s media empire and his widely popular amusement park, The Wildcat earned international recognition for his efforts against terrorism, tyranny, and Commander’s forces.

When Commander turned his attention to the stars, The Wildcat was called upon by three different species. Once again, he earned his recognition, but his interplanetary efforts were not revealed to the people of earth until after the lunar revolution of 2072.


IV. The Revolution

The first lunar colony was officially established on 6 March, 2054. Five years behind schedule, the colony was named in memory of the space craft Triumphant [ SEE NCO Triumphant ], a then next generation orbiter that exploded during an unexpected meteor impact.

Over the following eleven years, four additional colonies were established. Colonization of earth’s satellite was an international effort, overseen by the World Unity Council [ SEE World Unity Council ], the successor to the United Nations [ SEE United Nations ] as an international governing body.

Scientific research was the founding objective of the lunar colonies, a task at which the researchers excelled. Chief among the early successes were the hydroponics laboratories. The promise of hydroponics, or the growth of vegetation without soil, was that of greatly expanded food sources and a food supply for interplanetary travel and colonization.

With a vast and expanding world population, food was a constant concern. WUC member nations saw a distinct political advantage to control of a new and seemingly limitless food source. For that reason, four of the five colonies were converted to hydroponic farms and the technology was quarantined to those same colonies.

A diverse population of farmers replaced the original scientists who were transferred to Triumphant colony. Despite the radically altered population and work environment, striking advancements in medical, computer, and energy technologies continued.

By 2070, the individual colonies had been conjoined by a “suburban” expansion. The lunar population swelled and stretched resources to a critical level. Nonetheless, WUC continued to push the farmers for greater harvests. Scientists were diverted from their traditional research to hydroponics – often despite no discernible advantage or expertise.

Early 2072 saw a mutated strain of the flu spread through the colonies. Power drains and roving blackouts became common place in the suburban expansions. WUC quotas began to exceed the production of the colonial farms.

Repeated investigations by WUC committees found fault with the farmers and recommended the installation of appointed commissioners. When unrest among the farmers and researchers finally reached the attention of WUC’s central committee, a peace keeping task force was dispatched.

On 1 March, 2072 the first Colonial Officers of Peace landed at Thorpe-Andrews colony. COPs began patrols of the lunar colonies. Their often brutal practices were the source of many lunar protests. Even so, the protests received minimal coverage by the major press outlets on earth.

The few organizations that did cover the lunar unrest were labelled as “unobjective” and “alarmist.” Even the major networks of Hollen Broadcasting [ SEE Hollen, Jay Kelly ] were deemed “intolerant” and “extremist.”

Nevertheless, recruitment for colonial farmers fell. By April, WUC halted all departures from the lunar colonies. This effectively made colonists prisoners rather then employees.

On 23 April, 2072, the lunar colonists declared themselves an independent state. COP’s patrols responded with brute force, but colonial farmers produced advanced weaponry and defenses. Within two days, the entire COP force had been overwhelmed.

Reports of the lunar declaration were censored by WUC attorneys and – when necessary – armed observers. When the first observers entered Hollen Broadcasting headquarters, a 97-year-old Jay Hollen slipped into seclusion. Speculation held that the aged Hollen underwent routine medical procedures to maintain his strikingly youthful appearance. That a man of 97 appeared to be in his mid-thirties was ignored due to the man’s vast wealth and routine disappearances for months and years at a time. Therefore, extended seclusion was dismissible.

On 26 April, a WUC Lunar Pacification and Peacekeeping task force launched secretly. A small scale evacuation of the colonies followed the LPP launch. Ten shuttle transports filled with WUC sympathizers, elderly, and civilian non-combatants attempted to flee the approaching showdown.

Six shuttles landed safely. Four transports disappeared without explanation.

On 30 April, the LPP forces began a series of strategic strikes against the colonies. Landing craft infiltrated Thorpe-Andrews, Triumphant, and Triton colonies after bombardment eliminated known weapons caches, artificial environmental control substations, and defense munitions.

The first confrontations between the LPP and colonial militias were brief. LPP forces easily overwhelmed the colonial ranks and captured or killed close to 500 combatants.

At 14:14 UTC, a nuclear detonation destroyed Triton colony and most of its suburban connection to the other colonies. Initial WUC reports indicated a minor explosion in the main power district had appeared far worse in the near vacuum of the lunar surface. WUC later changed their report to indicate that the primary reactor had suffered a meltdown due to colonial sabotage.

On 3 May, Hollen Broadcasting man an unscheduled interruption of programming on all of its networks. The Wildcat appeared behind a podium and addressed the camera. His message was broadcast uninterrupted. A force of his own allies secured the building and broadcast sites and a team of technological experts ensured that efforts to disrupt the signals were thwarted.  This was the first appearance of the Boundless Defense Initiative.

He began by removing his helmet and revealing his identity as Jay Hollen, an act he said was to be proof of his honest intentions. He then delivered a warning to sensitive viewers that was followed by a series of individual clips.

The clips, accompanied by his voice over, revealed the following:

1. WUC censored the lunar announcement in which they declared independence and initiated a communication blockade.

2. WUC forces mistook evacuation shuttles for a suicide attack and destroyed four of them in orbit.

3. The Wildcat had met with Governors Wayne, Trent, Anson, Bradley, and Cox. During the meeting, he committed to investigate the rebellion and invasion. The governors agreed to allow him to place his own security and surveillance equipment in all public places in the colonies.

4. WUC forces had engaged in “crimes against humanity.” These statements were backed up by the most disturbing video of the broadcast. A crowd of civilians stood gathered in a warehouse identified as C-36 of Triton colony. An explosion filled the warehouse and the building depressurized in a horrid instant. The video split into ten different camera vantages from around the warehouse.

The video was advanced a period of hours and resumed as an LPP general surveyed the scene.  A suit-to-suit broadcast recording was dubbed over the scene. The discussion among the troops and general included an order to destroy the warehouse. However the discussion was cut short.

5. A gunfight unfolded near the Triton nuclear reactor. The rebels disabled the reactor and destroyed the command console. Out gunned, the rebels were overrun by LPP forces. The video advanced and revealed the LPP forces attempt to bypass the damaged console.  When that failed, they attempted to permanently disable the reactor with controlled explosives. Regrettably, the explosives on hand were weaponized and not intended to disable a nuclear reactor.  They instead discharged a trigger material into the reactor and initiated a chain reaction. Alarms began to sound moments before the video cut off.

The Wildcat completed his statements with an impassioned speech. He called on the “true hackers of the world” to break the communication blockade. He also called for an end to the World Unity Council. He finished with a pledge to fight and remove any dictator or group that “wrought atrocities on their people as the WUC has done.”

The communications blockade was disabled within hours of the speech. By the end of the day, most major nations had halted funding to the WUC and vowed to investigate their own involvement.

However, the revolution continued for an additional two months. The Wildcat returned to the lunar surface to combat the rapidly thinning LPP forces.

The final battle was waged at Triumphant colony. It was in the Triumphant commissary that the LPP forces surrendered to lunar rebels.


V. The Alliance

The Wildcat returned to earth a hero. He used his popularity to speak with major world leaders. On 12 December, the acting governments of the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, and other nations announced plans to join the Alliance. The Wildcat revealed three extraterrestrial races to the world. The Alliance had begun during the rebellion. Five nations of the planet Heth had made contact with researchers in the lunar colonies in early 2070.

The resulting discussion had drawn the attention of two other races The Wildcat had aided against Commander previously. The World Government of Em Pac and the Planetary Council of Duro Tinate had joined the Hethian delegation and a treaty had been drafted on 30 April, 2072. Signature discussions were disrupted by the Triton explosion. The treaty was then signed at 14:26 and Allied forces had begun resupplying the lunar colonies. The Wildcat had been present for the signing and departed for Triton colony as the delegates took their turns.

The process was slow, but by 12 January, 2089 the first stage of the modern Alliance was born. It included nearly 200 nations on earth, the lunar colonies, Hethian, Em Pacie, and Duro Tination governments.

On 15 January, the representatives of the Em Pac brought a proposal for four additional amendments to the Allied Constitution [ SEE Amendments 29, 30, 31, and 32 of the Allied Constitution ]. These amendments granted a major level of authority to The Wildcat and BDI. Critics were quick to argue against giving such power to one person or organization.

Amendment 29 establishes the Allied Defense Corps and grants explicit authority to The Wildcat to organize and structure the ADC.
Amendment 30 grants lifetime authority to BDI and The Wildcat as Overlord of the ADC.
Amendment 31 grants The Wildcat lifetime veto authority for any legislation passed by the Allied Council.
Amendment 32 grants The Wildcat lifetime authority to bypass or overrule any legislation previously passed by the Allied Council.

Popularity for the proposal spread despite granting such sweeping powers to The Wildcat. They were already supported by the extraterrestrial governments and the lunar colonies. As the nations of earth counted for one vote of the then five council seats, the amendments were never really in question. But the popular opinion of most citizens of earth also followed the extraterrestrials. Only governmental bodies and extremists objected. A handful of governments threatened to leave the Alliance if the amendments were enacted.

On 9 April the amendments were ratified unanimously by the five member council and the objecting governments produced elaborate dissenting letters. No nations left the Alliance.

Surprisingly, some of the opponents of the amendments voted in favor of the amendments with the belief that they could obtain political capital with moderates and BDI’s leadership and under the assumption that the 113-year-old Hollen would not live much longer.

As of this publication, The Wildcat is 418 years of age.  He has vetoed a total of two bills and overturned one law. For each of these three actions, he justified them by the apparent abuse of the legislation by power hungry groups in the current 27 member council.

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