BWL Behind the Scenes: PixelFlickr’s Tryout


Join us as we give PixelFlickr a tryout for the BWL Creativity Team. Long video is long.  In the future, I’ll probably break them up into 3 videos instead.

PixelFlickr makes videos and draws inspiration from Markiplier. Certainly, check out his channel – Link below.

PixelFlickr’s Channel –

If you want to join the team, then pop into the BWL Discord and sign up.

LPU Players: 42_Paces, TechnoBeaver, The_Wildcat

Tryout: PixelFlickr

It’s a long video.  For future tryouts, I will likely break them into 3 separate videos to avoid such length.

Forging the Links by
King Cobra at Key City Productions

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