Shocking News

Captain America is coming back.

Okay, that isn’t really shocking… I’m just glad we finally got past all the teasing the writers were doing over the past year.

The real news is…

Two new game comics.

You read that correctly.  Today I have made available two new short comics.

First up is the first episode of a new comic series called “The Sniper Chronicles” by Radu Iceman.  This first issue is 14 pages of comic goodness that introduces a zombie plot.

Stop by the Game Comics page to read “Episode 1 – Australian Zombie” today.

The second new comic is something different I wanted to make after reading a month old message on the Concerned forums.

As I have been working on a model reskin pack for a little while now… I thought this would be a good time to try out the team concept and play around with the new skins.  I also had two new wire mod / gcombat “props” for future movies that I wanted to show off.

All in all, this inspired me to create a new sub-section for the Game Comics page.  I call it “Web Events Archives”.  Anyone can make a Web Events Archive, but the premise is that they are based on real forum events… no matter how loosely.

To read the first Web Events Archive, “The Signal“, a 10-page comic loosely based on actual forum events, simply stop by the Game Comics page.

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