BWL Rating System

The following is an outline of the BWL Rating System.

We have always told EVERYONE that all BWL Content should be considered M-Rated.  This is based on the ESRB Rating system and is a nice buffer to help people realize that mature content exists in our stories and videos.  However, as I begin working on my many planned comic projects I fear that more must be said.

I anticipate complaints about how I didn’t warn someone that breasts have nipples or that blood and guts happen when someone is cut in half or something.  Indeed, people seem to be growing increasingly stupid and sensitive to EVERYTHING.

Rather then make myself or any contributor work around existing rating systems & censor or withhold content, I am making our own BWL Rating System.  This page will detail the ratings and any comic or art content BWL Rated M or higher will be behind an age gate.  Beyond this, you assume all risk of being offended.  Save your whining, I have stories to tell.

Time to grow up children.  Read the rating and then decide for yourself… and accept your own damn responsibility.



BWL Rated E – An E Rating at BWL means that the content is suitable for all audiences.  Infinite age range.  Any age should be able to read the story, even young children.

However, I should point out that very little if any content at BWL will ever be E-rated.  We simply don’t cater to children.








LargePTBWL Rated PT – Content rated PT – or Pre-Teen – is likely not suitable for children under the age of 10 years.  It likely contains content such as cartoonish violence and/or more humanoid characters.  There could be skin-tight hero costumes and more serious plot lines.  Death could be a factor in a story.  Children under 10 may be more sensitive to the topics addressed.

Once again, I must point out that we do not develop content for children and even though pre-teens are more mature, they are still children.
PT rated content is not likely on this site.






LargeTBWL Rated T – The T rating at BWL indicates that the content may not be suitable for children or pre-teens.  Teen, for our purposes, refers to anyone over the age of 14.  But again, parents should consider their own responsibilities.

T ratings indicate that mild forms of violence, mild language, and possible sexual themes could be present.  Blood, skimpy outfits, network television permitted curse words in limited quantities, and/or network television grade nudity may be used.


This is likely the lowest rating you will find on BWL.

Very few comics will use this, but some comics may contain this form of content.  Remember that these stories are not intended for children and view with parental discretion.



LargeMBWL Rated M – BWL’s M rating is restricted to readers over the age of 18 years.  Content in this rating and above will be behind an age gate on a sub-site specifically for mature content.

This content could contain violence, nudity, foul language, sexual themes, and other “offensive” material.  By viewing this content, you are assuming responsibility for your delicate sensibilities.  This rating is comparable to an R rating at the movies or an M rating in video games.

If you pass the age gate, you are indicating that you are either grown up enough to see such content or have a parent’s permission to do so.

The majority of our content will fall into this category.


You should be – at minimum – a young adult and fully able to enjoy and appreciate a grown up story.



LargeABWL Rated A – This rating should NOT be confused with an ESRB A rating.  The A rating in video games basically is used for porn.  We do not make porn.

The BWL A rating is the second most common rating you will see here.  The minimum age is still 18 years.  However, content here could be more graphic.  Sex could be depicted, nudity could be more common, violence could be far more graphical.

The main reason I added this second tier of the mature rating is because some of my planned comics will likely feature regular nudity, more violence, and darker stories.

Think of this rating in terms of a motion picture NC-17 rating.  However, do not confuse this rating with XXX or porn.




You should be no less then a young adult and understand that some themes are a part of life.
If you are easily offended, then maybe you shouldn’t read this content even if you are over 18 years old.


LargeREDBWL Rating RedDot – This is the third tier of the BWL 18+ rating.  It will likely never be used.  If it were used, it would be content reserved for the VIP forum.

A RedDot rating indicates an extreme level of mature content.  Sex, violence, nudity, course language, dark themes, and other content that would normally earn an M or A rating will occur in these stories, but to a much greater degree.

Sex could be depicted in detail, violence could be intense & gory, stories could be difficult for anyone under 18 years of age.


While we do not make porn, some content is simply not for younger audiences.

Parents should not grant permission for their children to lie about their age in the forums to by-pass my age ratings.

You WILL NOT see a RedDot story on the open site.  It would likely need to be hosted off-site.  You will only find this content, IF it is ever made, in the VIP forum.

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