Subject: Cat-Life
Variants: Cat-Life GS, Cat-Life for Source, Cat-Life O
Setting: Black Mesa, New Mexico

Welcome to the world of Cat-Life.

Cat-Life is a complicated mod concept with a complicated history.  This is one of the most original concepts you will ever find.  In Cat-Life, you enter the mind and body of an ordinary house cat.  After some experimentation, we are treated to the Black Mesa Resonance Cascade from the Newton the cat’s point of view.

The Cat-Life project itself can be broken down into three variants.  Cat-Life O is the designation for the original concept and its many partial versions prior to 2007.  That was the old Friendly Garg’s Stories / Garg-o-holics version of the mod.  You can read a bit about the history of Cat-Life and why it has been in development for so long on the Cat-Life O page.

Cat-Life GS is the 2007 mod which began with BiGToM’s leadership, some basic maps, and little more.  The project, formerly known as simply “Cat-Life” or “Cat-Life for Half-Life” has undergone a number of changes in the last few years.  With actual leadership and an effort to finish, the mod has released a temporary demo.

Now, with the change to Cat-Life GS, the mod is undergoing an overhaul.  Although the mod will not be developed as fully as CLS, Cat-Life GS will be a full mod and will be released first.  Read more about CL GS here.

Lastly, Cat-Life for Source or CLS is the modern version of Cat-Life.  This mod is now under leadership of the administrator and is being written by the author of Conundrum and the HL2 Cataclysm (RP Thread).

CLS will be bigger, darker, and more of a game then a mod.  Even so, it will be a free mod for public consumption.  And it is our hope that Cat-Life for Source will, when ready, become a sort of crown jewel in the supply of BWL Projects.  We honestly hope to give our fans a game experience to remember and you should expect this project to live up to the motto of BWL Development… Epically Awesome in Every Way.

To read more about Cat-Life for Source, visit the CLS page.

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Blurb: 17-07-2010

Wildcat here.  Hey guys.  I decided that it was time to simplify both the Cat-Life page and the overall mod as we understand it.  My solution is to divide everything up into three parts.  CL O is the original mod idea and all the changes and hiatuses.  CL GS is the current demo release and my planned overhaul which is explained on the CL GS page.  And CLS, which will begin work more visibly as soon as CL GS is about ready for release.

I’m taking charge of most of this now since the bulk of Team GS has disbanded and the mod is in dire need of the overhaul before release.  Expect a good game with a blend of the story by Dark Shadow and elements from CLS.

I can’t explain everything to clearly here… so if you have questions or whatever, be sure to post in the Cat-Life forum.  Comments below are also welcome… that’s why I added the comment form to so many pages.

— The Wildcat

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