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About Broken Controller:

Broken Controller is the soap-box upon which I stand. A loudspeaker for my addled rantings, a faucet for the deluge of my imagination. Also I do crappy Let’s Plays for fun.

About Syrus Rayne:

syruslogosimpleI can be best summed up by my past experiences on the Concerned forum; I came to that sanctuary from afar, having traveled long and hard across the barren wasteland of the internet in search of a forum worth visiting; A utopia of crystal intellects; A haven for free-thinkers. Instead, I found the Concerned forum. I carved a sizable niche with my trademark frothing rage and a vocabulary filled with the pernicious seeds I carried with me from previous forums. All was well, for a time. And then… The Concerned Forum was no more. The days between then and now are both numerous and filled with an immeasurable pain; I do not wish to recount them here. Suffice it to say that they were a trial that no man should ever have to face. And yet, here I am. But I digress; Basically I’m this guy who does reviews sometimes.

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