From The Wildcat’s Notebook

From The Wildcat's Notebook


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About “From The Wildcat’s Notebook”

When I created BWL back in 2006, I tried to find some good new features for our more active members.  One such feature was the addition of a WordPress blog to the site.

Intended as a journal for our members, it never really took off and given a few technical issues, the idea was scrapped.

After a few months with a temporary “journal” forum, and after moving the entire site onto a WordPress backbone, I began making blog entries.

More recently, due to the changing nature of the site, I began looking for a feature that could serve as home to my blog entries.  I wanted to post changes I’m making on the site and what projects I plan to work on in a given time frame.

From The Wildcat’s Notebook is basically THAT feature.  When I post, the message will likely explain current issues that may be slowing down development on a given project.  But posts will also contain future plans and WIP presentations.

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About The Wildcat

I am a generally friendly guy.  Sometimes I can be oversensitive about certain issues, particularly when I feel that someone else is being hurt.


I graduated from university a few years ago and have since been trying to survive everyday life and monotony.  I work currently at an MHMR facility that is run by the state government, which means that nothing works and the solution to every problem is to act really stupid and blame the Direct care staff such as myself.

In the future I hope to find a better job, especially one that deals more with technology.  But to be perfectly honest, I would rather write my stories and develop my comics.  My plans for BWL include eventually selling my novels and offering previews here as well as selling comics and keeping some of our fan-fiction type works free for everyone.

My interests include hunting, fishing, and camping.  Beyond the outdoor activities I like to paint, draw, write, and/or perform other acts of creativity.  I also play PC games regularly and try to make this site draw creativity and gaming together.

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