Novelized Fan-Fiction


by The Wildcat

Crossover Fan-Fiction featuring characters and events from Half-Life / Half-Life 2 crossed with the D00M series, System Shock, my own original characters, characters by old forum members, and other sources.  Quite possibly the most epic story you will ever read.
[In Progress/Incomplete]

Silent Hill: Whispers From Within

by Dark Shadow [ DS ]

I will warn right now that this shit is HORROR thus, i’ll recommend this not to read if you have a faint heart, or have a chance of quickly getting nightmares.

As the story progresses i plan to have things turned weirder and sicker. So please don’t come whining at me if you can’t sleep at night cause you didn’t read the warning.
[In Progress/Incomplete]

The Shockwave

by Radu Iceman


by Xegewrath [OxYgEn, O2, Salted Wounds, Combat Wombat, etc]

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