It’s a Spectacle

This show is something of a Let’s Play modified.  In “It’s a Spectacle”, we will be taking a look at multiplayer games and their individual game modes.  When possible, we’ll begin each episode by watching a round in spectator mode first.  Then, after a short time, we’ll join in on the fun.  We don’t claim to be good at these games.  We probably can’t give you tips.  But hopefully this will be fun and interesting.


Quake Champions Beta
QuakeCon 2016 – Late Night Game Time
PixelTail Redux Prt 2
PixelTail Redux Prt 1

FADECON 3D Special

New Year’s Eve 2015 – Late Night Game Time

QuakeCon 2015 – Late Night Game Time

Quake 4

QuakeCon 2014

GMod Tower
QuakeCon 2011
It’s A Filler – Synergy with Syrus

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