Let’s Play United


Let’s Play United is cooperative let’s plays featuring BWL members and anyone else that happens to join in.  We have two sub-series dedicated to glitches and to practice sessions.  We want to have fun and we’re going to start with Left 4 Dead 2 and the ported original campaigns.  Plus, we will occasionally have a little fun in community campaigns.

Core Episodes:

Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2:

Episode 01: Bye Francis

Episode 02: FIREWORKS

Episode 03: 50 Cal Club

Episode 04: Predictions

Episode 05: No Rush’n

Episode 06: Tanks for the Drugs


Borderlands 2 / Pre-Sequil:

Episode 01: Am I On Fire?

Episode 02: Side Grinder

Episode 03: It Was A Rough Episode



Episode 01: Technical Difficulties The Video


BWL’s LPU Challenge:

FADECON 4K Special


Broken Links Compilation Episodes:

1. Old Footage


Practice and Pubbies Episodes:

1. Getting Started the Hard Way

2. Trying New Things

3. Killing Time

4. Four Swordsmen Alone

5. FADECON 2015 Special

6. Mutated Warm Ups

7. A-Kon 27 Special

8. QuakeCon 2016 Special

9. Crash Courses


Behind The Scenes Specials

1. BWL Behind The Scenes: Practice Session LPU Vs Mode

2. LPU Tryout: Wildcats LPU Tryout

3. LPU Tryout: SyrusRayne’s LPU Tryout

4. LPU Tryout: Tikchi’s Tryout

5. LPU Tryout: 42_Paces’ Tryout

6. LPU Tryout: TechnoBeaver’s Tryout

7. LPU Tryout: PixelFlickr’s Tryout

– Tryout PlayList



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