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This GMod Server is used for recording episodes and to bring our community together for the same kind of fun.  It’s one of several BWL Game Servers.  Living With GMod and Disorientation both will be recorded here when using on-line footage.

disorient2 disorient5
disorient6 disorient3

We have positions open for various projects.  Our tryouts are fairly simple, so drop by the BWL Videos Forum and check for recruiting threads or leave a post to volunteer.

While using this or any other server, be sure to follow all of our rules including but not limited to the ones in the General Sever Rules thread.

Be sure to sign up for the forums and post in the Server Pass Request Thread.  Server Pass membership includes access to the locked game server forums, password access during filming on our servers, and access to the Minecraft server when you request white listing.

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