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Realms of the Awesome is a Minecraft Let’s Play series that will be split between two worlds.  I refer to it as an “experience” because I prefer the experience video format over a long-run nothing-cut-out let’s play.  I will record in Video Games AWESOME!’s Minecraft AWESOME! server during build challenges and as I work on my community of NorthRidge as well as the Lupland LP community.  I will also record in our own Realm of the Nine Fires as we re-launch the server and begin build challenges, tool setting builds, and general gameplay.


1. End of the World [MA]

2. Turbo Troubles [MA]

3. The Trip [MA]

4. Conquest [MA]

5. Missing Scene [MA]

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6. Moving Time [MA]

7. Business Trips [MA]

8. Expansion [MA]

9. The 1st Testificate [MA]

10. The Colony [QS]

11. The Return [MA]

11.5 A Glitch in Time [MA] – Lost episode 12, found 8 months later.

12. Working Hard [MA]

13. Celebration [MA]

14. Roadwork Ahead [MA]

15. Another World [SS]

16. Finishing Business [SS]

17. Farming Wool [MA]

18. Frash House [MA]

[ MAMinecraft AWESOME! ]
[ SSMinecraft AWESOME! Show Server ]
[ 9FRealm of the Nine Fires ]
[ QSQuakeCon Special ]


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