We at BWL Development are trying to make a lot of new content and keep fun and interesting opportunities available to our members.  However, we are not yet selling enough merchandise to turn any form of profit from the site.

The Wildcat spends a little close to $200 per month just to keep the site and servers up and running.  That’s roughly $2400 a year out of his own pocket.  Add to that the costs of each RoadTrip convention visit [which includes food, gas, tickets, and hotel stay] which typically runs around $1200-$1500 for the bigger trips.

In short, while we don’t want to e-beg, we certainly welcome some extra income to help off-set a multi-thousand dollar deficit each year.

Truthfully, the fact that Wildcat still works a day job takes away from time for projects and is most often the reason for big project delays. The fact that his hardware is aging to the digitally ancient point isn’t helping.  As stated already, we welcome any help possible.

We DO hope to get some good merch up soon so that you can benefit from buying something rather then just donating. But we again thank you for helping keep us rolling at our best possible speed.


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